Gunstarting Somewhere

Gunstar Super Heroes ships to the U.S. next week. I won’t discuss it at length until then, but I can already confirm that it has some great backgrounds.

From what little I’ve played, it’s awesome. Much like the Genesis game, it hits you with lots of different gameplay styles and details, all clever enough to make you sit back and think about them when you’re not even playing, and I’ve always thought that to be the sign of a great game. Yes, there’s no two-player mode and the weapons are down to four from the original’s fourteen, but you won’t notice any of that, especially not when you’re collecting baby chicks.

Attention Treasure employees: you’re all forgiven for Silpheed: the Lost Planet, Stretch Panic, and, hell, any other shitty games you might have made. I’ll even forgive you for canceling Gun Beat –which, I maintain, would have amazing and not the disappointing mess that all available evidence suggests.