Little Things: Legacy of the Wizard

In my last Little Things, I forgot to mention other small details that I like about Legacy of the Wizard. For example, I like the portrait that the family of playable heroes has on their wall.

There's a lot to enjoy on this screen, which presents the Worzen clan in their domestic forms and shows them transforming into fantasy archetypes once selected by the player. The best is Pochi, the dog who is really a grumpy dino-dragon creature.

However, my favorite piece of their home is that portrait on the wall. It supposedly depicts the bearded and bald ancestor who once sealed away the ancient dragon that the family must now defeat, but that picture also looks like a parrot.

What, you don’t see it? Let me add some colors.

There we go. I’m fairly certain that the parrot is accidental, but I can’t help seeing it every time I play Legacy of the Wizard. That’s not the portrait’s only function, as it also enables a secret sound test. To my disappointment, it does not unlock a hidden parrot character, but Legacy of the Wizard is complex enough as it is.

Another thing that amuses me: the health-restoring bread looks like a big plastic novelty butt.

And with that, begins a dignified new year.

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