Notes on Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush 2 was delayed, and I needed to compensate somehow. Sony wasn’t diplomatic about their reasons, either. Both Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian are shipping in late November or early December, and those games would bury Gravity Rush 2 and bury it deep. The solution? It’s now coming January 17. That way Resident Evil 7 and Tales of Berseria can bury it.

Without any chance to buy Gravity Rush 2 this year, I decided to buy something related to Gravity Rush 2. I went to eBay and looked for the cheapest possible fix.

I found this, an apple-shaped Gravity Rush 2 notepad. Apparently given away at conventions, it’s pretty much the only promotional trinket I’ve seen for the game. It’s about the size of a standard Post-It pad, and it was only 99 cents. That wasn’t bad, even if buying it would mean that I spent money on blank pieces of paper somehow connected to Gravity Rush 2.

Good thing there’s a surprise within.

Instead of empty pages, the pad shows you Gravity Rush heroine Kat with a word balloon on each page. Technically that gives you less space to write than an off-the-shelf booklet from Staples would provide, but it elevates these notes from disposable scratchpads to a charming collectible for Gravity Rush fans. We must savor all we can get.

I’m not about to write directly in this pad, but I quickly scanned it for online use. Now it’s easier than ever to make Kat say anything you want, no matter how controversial or out-of-character it might be!

In fact, let’s have a contest. Whoever gives Kat the funniest word balloon gets a box of assorted video-game junk! Send your entries to kidfenris (at) before the end of December! Your chances are pretty good due to this site’s fairly low readership, so have fun!

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  1. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Good God, even you jumped on the Anti-Trump bandwagon? I don't know who to trust anymore.......

    I've not paid attention to Gravity Rush 2. The first title was great, if only because it pursuaded me to buy a Vita, but the combat was a joke and there was nothing to do in the open world.

    I sure hope they expanded the gameplay 10 fold on this second installment. Pretty visuals can only get you so far.

    - Terramax