Pictures of Toys and Toys of Pictures

It’s time I talked about toys. I’ve acquired a number of them over the years: some bought, some received as gifts, and some offered as promotional trinkets by game companies. Nearly all of them are stored in my closet, well out of sight.

But I decided to gather them all for a picture. And a reminder. Whenever I want to get any sort of action figure or miniature statue based on a video game I happen to like, I can look at this image and remember that I already have a pile of plastic merchandise that I've stashed away in embarrassment.

As you can see, my collec…wait, what’s that?

Hey! That’s a Tachiko…Fuchi…one of those robots from Ghost in the Shell! And Ghost in the Shell isn’t a video game! Well, there are actually three Ghost in the Shell games, but the whole franchise wasn’t a game from the start and therefore doesn’t count.

Yes, purge the intruder. THROW IT TO THE WOLVES.

Or just throw it over there, with all of the toys based on things that aren’t video games. The sanctity of our cherished gamer culture must never be violated by inferior alien elements such as anime or Star Wars or even Mystery Science Theater 3000. That’s another thing I’ll have to remember.


  1. Mmmm...Maybe I should do the same thing. That stash of FF VIII toys hidden and forgotten in a box still haunts me from time to time.

  2. Jorpho12:18 PM

    Didn't you review an awkwardly-posed KOS-MOS many moons ago? Or did you not actually buy that one?

    I also vaguely recall reviews of Milla Rage figures, featuring pictures with... Guile, was it?

    I have no idea why I remember these things.

    1. I remember that KOS-MOS statue, but I never had one. I must've just used a photo of it.

      However, I DID own some Street Fighter figures that I used in this writeup.

      I think I sold them a while ago,
      along with my original Metal Gear Solid figures (which were worth a good deal, surprisingly). I always get a tinge of guilt when selling toys, moreso than selling games or DVDs or anything without facial features.

  3. Jorpho5:43 AM

    Oh! And you did a bit on Koyori from Sengoku Ace, but I recall that you didn't actually purchase that one.

    (I've been trying to remember that name for that past few days. For some reason.)