Dreamcast Day: Low-Effort Edition

It’s Dreamcast Day, when Sega fans everywhere look back fondly on the last time their favorite company had the remotest chance for widespread success. In truth, the Dreamcast was doomed from the get-go, but it was a fun little system. And I still have the box for mine!

That’s a smaller library than most Dreamcast owners could claim, but I didn’t care for some of the console’s biggest titles, including Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Space Channel 5, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, and Sonic Adventure. In fact, my collection could be smaller still. Ikaruga, Soul Calibur, and Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves are all out on Xbox Arcade, and there’s no reason to keep Guilty Gear X when you’ve got Guilty Gear XX #Reload. Perhaps I’m just fascinated by the cover’s juxtaposition of Ky’s head and Sol’s crotch.

The real oddity here is Evolution 2, which I’ve played for no more than twenty minutes. Yet I won it in a contest at the Gaming Intelligence Agency years ago, and I always find it hard to sell things I’ve won.

Speaking of the GIA, this is excellent. Edit: Or at least it was.


  1. You worked for The GIA? Man, I loved that site. Your link goes to a blank page btw(is that the point?).

    I still have my Dreamcast, though it's a bit iffy on booting up some games. I'll admit that after its death I was seeking alternate methods of acquiring games which I'm sure affected the system's disc reader in a bad way.

    Of the games I did purchase I feel I got more than enough value for the money. The amount of 2d fighting games alone were awesome.

    What was your beef with Shenmue!?

  2. Well, I just won two contest at the GIA (the other netted me Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure) and showed up in the letters column once or twice. A shame that the new website was a one-day thing, because it was great.

    Shenmue just didn't click with me. I thought it was an amazingly detailed treatment of a really boring story and setting.

  3. Anonymous10:02 AM

    always wanted to play tech romancer.

    semi-official gia mirror is here, by the way: