Kid Fenris is a collection of articles all about nerdy things I like. A lot of these things are video games, but I try to work in pieces about cartoons, toys, and old books about UFOs and lake monsters. If I liked it at any point in my life, I want to write about it.

I try to tackle out-of-the-way stuff, which often leaves me going on and on about forgotten pop-culture debris which no sensible adult would pay any mind. But I tell myself that it’s worth covering something as long as at least one person cares. Even if that person is me.

I’m a writer/editor, and I live near enough to New York City that there’s no point saying I’m anywhere else. I’ve contributed to several magazines and websites over the past 10 years, including Anime Insider, Wizard, 1up.com, Topless Robot, and IGN. In fact, if you pick up the last-ever issue of Protoculture Addicts, you’ll see me under the nom de plume of Paul Hervanack. It’s a long story.

You might also know me from Anime News Network, where I wrote The X Button, a weekly video-game column, from June 2008 to August 2016. Yes, eight years. I handed off the column, but I still write for ANN here and there.

I started Kid Fenris back in 2002 with a pack of anime and game reviews, and I managed to update it at least once a year. That must count for something.

Oh, that thing. It started as a play on Kid Icarus, an NES game that I didn’t even like so much. There’s a longer version of this story, but the key points are that I liked Nintendo and Norse Mythology when it came time to pick an online handle, and while other sites have changed their titles over time, I’m determined to drag around a name that I devised as a teenager.

Yes, I really should. Here we go.

This site probably wouldn’t exist without the help of Bratwurst, who created the stonework and techno-themed banners and helped with several other design issues. You can check out his artwork at his Tumblr. And once he has a full-scale art website up and running, I’ll link it here.

My sister also provided some helpful feedback and assistance for the site. You can follow her Faery Underground comic and see more of her work at her site.

My friend gave a lot of good advice about websites and helps me find plenty of weird and cool article fodder. I don’t think he has a website.

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They say stuff like this in old Capcom games. 

And You
This too.

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